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Things Are Spicing Up

PT Tripper Nature is a global supplier of spices. Currently Tripper exports cinnamon, cloves, coffee, ginger, nutmeg and mace, vanilla, turmeric and natural extracts worldwide including America, Europe and Asia.

Demand in recent years has been relentless but production has not kept pace. As a result, the global seasonings and spices market is projected to reach US$16.6 bn by 2019. This, coupled with seasonings and spices indispensable nature within the food industry makes it a very attractive market for suppliers.

Discovering History’s Secret Spice

Pumpkin pies and world history have something in common: They’ve both been revolutionized by a spice originally grown on a few tiny volcanic islands in the Indonesian archipelago.

For the love of nutmeg, European royalty sent explorers and armadas around the world. For the love of the nutmeg trade, the Dutch ceded Manhattan to the English. For the love of nutmeg and clove, cinnamon and pepper, Magellan circled the globe and Columbus sailed into a new hemisphere.

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Asali Bali Engineers Bamboo

bali-based asali bali has created a bamboo construction concept that covers big spaces, developed for pt. tripper nature and conceived in association with D.G.S engineers in singapore. every detail of the construction and particularly its connections have been carefully designed by a senior engineer, to provide a strong and durable structure.

seven load tests were conducted to validate the structure. the bamboos used are 14-centimeters in diameters and were all carefully selected

Journey to a Land Rich in Vanilla

If you are lucky enough to find yourself on a spice safari on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, your days will be measured not in hours, but rather in moments of wonder and surprise.

Contemplating the beauty of the landscape, the emerald hills that recede like tides from fiery Soputan Mountain, was our first unforgettable moment. Our guide for the spice journey promised another waiting for us at our final destination, the home of One Degree’s newest veganic farmer, Amelius Manopo.

Out in the Open

When CEO Francois Bernard joined the spice industry about 20 years ago, business insiders hadn’t considered grinding spices at the point of origin to eliminate the costly and often untraceable practice of using second-tier grinders. In fact, the concept was so novel, Bernard remembers how his peers laughed at the concept and barely gave Tripper Inc. and its vanilla and other spice products from Southeast Asia any chance of survival.