Our vision and mission : Tripper's vision is to be a strategic partner for customers in search of vanilla, sweet spices and other natural ingredients direct from origin. We consider it our mission to be a reliable, ethical supplier for companies looking for socially responsible natural and organic solutions. Tripper aims to consistently produce and deliver in alignment with international business standards and quality expectations. We constantly seek ways to better serve our community, partners and employees.

Our products : It's our business to provide clean, safe and traceable sweet spices and other natural ingredients consistent with international quality assurance standards, such as ISO 22000:2005. It's our aim to do this responsibly, for the benefit of people, planet and profit. We offer you the highest quality non GMO spices, produced with no harmful chemicals, pesticides or irradiation.

Our employees : Like any modern multinational company, Tripper aims to empower its employees whenever and wherever possible- whether on the production line in Jakarta, or at our offices in Bali and California. Employees are provided with the training to do their work safely and efficiently. We offer opportunities for professional skills development and regularly send our employees to our sales office in the USA. Tripper goes above and beyond Indonesian labor law requirements. We pay higher wages, provide healthcare insurance for our employees and their families, and apply strict safety measures. Our HR-system ensures transparency, equality and opportunity.

Our suppliers : Throughout our two-decade history, we have built long term partnerships with local growers resulting in strong relationships that mutually strengthen business. As a company committed to socially responsible practices, we seek to improve the livelihood of local farmers, who still predominantly live and work under traditional circumstances. TRIPPER values the protection of human rights. We strive to combat social injustices like gender discrimination, child labor, or forced and involuntary work. We prioritize social development, fair compensation and wages, and the freedom to organize and bargain collectively.

Our environment : Tripper endeavors to minimize its carbon footprint, preserve biodiversity and conserve the environment. We fulfill our commitment to these values by selecting certifications that protect them such as Fair for Life and USDA Organic. We continuously seek opportunities to increase the number of our organic suppliers. We convinced our raw material suppliers to switch their packaging to a reusable material. In our factory and warehouses everything is recycled and our offices are 95% paper free. We minimize energy use for all operations. Finished goods are only shipped in fully stuffed containers in order to reduce the product's environmental impact. We avoid producers that use non-sustainable, environmentally unfriendly cultivation methods.

Our Values : From harvest to home, our relationship with our partners reflect our core values:

  • Commitment and Partnership
  • Fairness and Respect
  • Quality and Consistency
  • Safety