A unique bridging of cultures is responsible for the magic that happens at TRIPPER. Founders Francois and Olivier Bernard, were born in Grasse, France - a world renowned historical center of perfumery where modern techniques of extraction were developed. Grasse continues to be a strategic location for fragrance and flavor today.

Before WWI, the Bernard family collected Rose and Jasmine flowers in the region. As you can imagine, the Bernard brothers developed a strong connection to fragrant ingredients at a very young age and this is where the TRIPPER story truly began.

The brothers were raised in Sumatra, Indonesia where they continued their bond with aromatics and later, Singapore - further developing their ties with SE Asia. In the mid-80s, as part of a summer job, Francois helped his father collect vanilla beans on the island of Bali. He immediately saw an opportunity to sell vanilla to restaurant owners in LA where he was living at the time.

He recognized that he had an advantage over many conventional sellers of vanilla because of his rich history with Indonesia. He wanted to add value at origin, not just for end consumers but for farmers and employees along the supply chain. Francois knew that technical expertise coupled with a close relationship to the land and people is what makes adding value at origin possible.

That is what led Francois to join forces with his older brother Olivier who was working for a Fragrance and Flavor company in Jakarta at the time. Backed by Olivier's technical experience, two processing sites were built- a Jakarta plant dedicated to spice grinding and a Bali plant focused on liquid extracts.

Simultaneously, quality systems were put in place within the company. ISO 22000 certification was procured and sustainable sourcing was prioritized. Procedures were established so that processing and packaging was completed on site to ensure maximum quality. What started as a summer job in a second home, developed into an international business with over 150 employees and customers from New Zealand to New Jersey. While the offerings have expanded, the company culture has remained and TRIPPER continues to add value at origin.

  • Incorporation of TRIPPER, Inc.


  • Relocation of TRIPPER, Inc. offices to Oxnard, CA


  • Established milling plant exclusively for cinnamon in East Jakarta. Mixing Plant in East Jakarta


  • We received our first organic certification for cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg and cloves


  • Created new extract processing facility in Bali


  • We wanted to be closer to our processing facility in Bali so we established TRIPPER HQ in the heart of the island


  • Launched new cinnamon factory in Cibitung


  • Our first Fair for Life certification for cinnamon by IMO


  • Creation of TRIPPER’s foundation Yayasan T.E.A (TRIPPER Environmental Awareness)